Why people love Voss ?


At Voss, we are proud of the quality of our products. Voss artesian water from Norway meets all bottled water standards for quality and safety at the U.S. federal, state, Norwegian and international levels. Our scientists and independent certified laboratories perform extensive tests on the water source and finished bottled water product to ensure we exceed or are compliant with all bottled water requirements.

The VOSS Source

Voss is bottled at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway, naturally filtered and protected from pollutants. The water is generated from the source deep beneath the ground. The unprocessed nature of the water gives it its fresh, clean taste. This occurrence is also key to the nature of Voss, as availability of unfiltered water of this quality is rare.

VOSS Still and Sparkling

Purity of water is defined in part by the mineral level found in specific bottled waters and is referred to as total dissolved solids (TDS). TDS levels in Voss are extremely low in comparison to other leading bottled waters. The crisp refreshing taste of Voss sparkling is known to compliment fine food and delicate wines. The TDS of Voss sparkling is very low compared to other leading natural sparkling water brands.

General Mineral Analysis (average values) VOSS Still VOSS Sparkling
Bicarbonate <20 mg/L 250 mg/L
Calcium 3 mg/L 3 mg/L
Chloride 5 mg/L 5 mg/L
Fluoride 0.1 mg/L 0.1 mg/L
Magnesium <1 mg/L <1 mg/L
Sodium 4 mg/L 100 mg/L
Sulfate <5 mg/L <5 mg/L
Potassium <1 mg/L <1 mg/L
Total Dissolved Solids 44 mg/L 300 mg/L
Conductivity 45 umhos/cm 515 umhos/cm
pH 5.9 5.2

ND = «Not Detected» – Below lower detection limit